Clovers News · Please Help us Continue

Clover Nation:

I am writing to ask for your help.  You will be helping me stay in compliance with our Board of Health and State Mandates but more importantly you will be helping our Spring Athletes to ensure we can continue to have a full season.

The State Mask Mandate has been lifted for everything EXCEPT schools.  This mandate means everything that takes place on a school campus…including extra curriculars after school (inside or out).  I am asking help in this area and asking masks or gaiters are worn at all of our Spring Sporting Events.  I know they are uncomfortable…I coached in one the entire Winter.  They are hot, and admittedly an annoyance, but the State of Indiana and the Putnam County Board of Health are asking us to make sure we continue to wear them during school events.

We ask that you:

Arrive with a face covering

Wear it (at the very least until you are at your seat with your family unit)

If you get up to go to concessions/restrooms you put your covering back on until you return to your seat

We will require any Cloverdale Student to wear a face covering at all times unless eating or drinking

Please help us and our athletes continue to compete.  These kids had Spring Sports taken from them last year and the last thing they want is for it to happen again.  We need your help so the Putnam County BoH does not come in and shut us down and also so we do not have a rise in numbers in the county or worse positive cases within our teams causing them to miss games.

We have had a successful year and for the most part compliance has been the norm…please, for the sake of the athletes, help us keep playing.

Thank you!