Clovers News · Putnam County Red Status

Clover Nation:  As I am sure you are well aware, Putnam County is now in RED Status as a County.  That means 2 parents per athlete and no cheerleaders or concessions.
Here is the process for each event:
Each school, including ours, will collect names (parents/guardians) of each athlete and coach on the roster and send to the school prior to the contest (we will allow DEPENDENTS who live IN the home in with the 2 per athlete if needed).  On the day of the event, as spectators enter, our ticket taker(s) will ask which athlete/coach you are here for.  He/She will then find your name on the list next to theirs and check you in and sell needed tickets.  Spectators will still be required to give a contact number to ticket taker or scan the QR Code at the door.
Please remember we are not permitted to have concessions during RED Status so if your athlete needs water or Gatorade or a pregame snack, please bring that with you.
Thank you for being patient and adhering to these restrictions.  Although they are not ideal, our kids are still competing and that is why we are here!  Once we go back to ORANGE or better, we will be back to 25% capacity.
Please call Athletic Department with any questions.  Go Clovers!