Below is a message from North Putnam…if you have already purchased tickets, a refund has been given and you will need to repurchase.

As a side note, please be patient with North Putnam as they muddle through these changes.  A ton of planning has gone into hosting the Sectional and we all know that COVID-19 has already made a simple volleyball match difficult, let alone getting many teams, fans, schools, workers, etc. in and out…a late change like this requires even more planning.  We are in good hands up there at North Putnam and know they will do what is best for all, but certainly the kids, which is why we are here!  Also, PLEASE represent Cdale well by wearing your masks!  See you all there!

A message from Roger Busch, AD at North Putnam

Please let your fans know that we have refunded (electronically) any tickets that were purchased for Tuesday night. That link will now be inactive. They can now purchase a ticket for the correct night of play.

10/15 @ 6:00PM Cloverdale vs Southmont

10/15 @ approx.. 7:00PM Cascade vs Parke Heritage

10/17 11:00AM, 12:30PM, 7:00PM (no change)

If you still have people that purchased a ticket for the wrong night (i.e. SP fans purchasing tickets for Thursday, but now play Saturday at 12:30pm), have them contact me and I’ll refund their ticket. We will have barcodes posted at our entry in case someone shows up and needs to purchase a ticket from their phone. Please remind your fans that we will not be doing any cash sales (except in the concessions stand) for the Sectional.