Clovers News · What to Expect at 2020 Fall Cloverdale Athletic Events

CLOVER NATION:  We are excited and thankful to be able to welcome students, coaches, staff, support personnel, and spectators back to Cloverdale High School as we begin the 2020-2021 school year.

In accordance with the IHSAA, the Putnam County Health Department, and Governor Holcomb’s recent mandates, we will adhere and enforce the following guidelines and restrictions for fans to be in attendance at Athletic Events hosted by Cloverdale Community Schools.

Although these guidelines and restrictions may feel unnecessary and/or uncomfortable for some, they are non-negotiable and must be followed for us to provide these experiences for our athletes.  Please remember we are here for them and the small sacrifices we may make at these events in order for them to happen are well worth it.  They have worked very hard to be ready to compete and represent our school and community and they will also be following the same guidelines and restrictions you are (unless they are under strenuous activity competing in the event itself).

Thank you for your understanding and compliance as we eagerly begin to compete!


Gate Entry and Contact Tracing
For Football games, we ask that the HOME crowd park in the East Lot behind the Football Field and ALL VISITORS park in the Main High School and South Parking Lots.  We have been approved for 250 spectators per side (500 total) as long as we use separate entry points, separate restrooms, and separate concessions.  For Volleyball, the main entrance (Door 1) will be used and we will limit entry to 250 spectators.  There will be social distancing marks established at all entrances.

Before entering the gate, each spectator must scan a QR Code (camera from phone will scan and open link) and complete form.  Upon opening the link, you will be asked to fill in the date, your name, a contact number, and what event you are attending…it is really quick and easy and the preferred method to record attendance.  The Board of Health Requires this for Contact Tracing in the event of a positive COVID Case after the event.  If spectators cannot use the QR Code, the ticket taker will record spectator name and number.  No one will be admitted unless this information is given in one of the two ways.


Gates will open a little earlier than in previous years to hopefully help with the additional steps for entry and the spacing of spectators in line.  Please be patient with our ticket takers as they will do the best they can getting everyone in quickly.

Facial Coverings are Required (Indoor and Outdoor)
Spectators will be required to wear a mask or a gaiter to gain entry.  All facial coverings will need to remain on for the duration of the event (indoor or outdoor).  The only time facial coverings may be removed will be to consume food or beverage.

Seating/Viewing Area Restrictions
Spectators will be asked to sit by “family unit” whenever possible and to also socially distance between those “family units”.  When possible, we will place an empty row between spectators.  Those that stand along the fences to watch the game should continue to social distance.

Restroom Usage
Restrooms will be open at 50% capacity.  Signs will be posted with capacity numbers.  If there is a line for usage, please practice social distancing.

Concessions Stand Service
Concessions will be available.  Concession stands will have sneeze guards installed during the event and everyone will be masked up.  The Booster Club will continue to sell all items they always have for games.  Hot dogs, Popcorn, Pretzels, and Nachos along with Hard Candy and Candy Bars.  All of these items must be pre-packaged, however, and when we run out, we will be out.  Please be patient with concession workers if they do not have an item you may have been craving.  Social Distancing Marks will be placed on the ground for wait lines.

We are anticipating a successful Fall Sports Season but cannot achieve that without your patience, understanding, and willingness to comply to the guidelines given to us by the State.  As stated previously, some of these may seem unnecessary or uncomfortable, but they need to be followed for our athletes.  We know our athletes need sports…they deserve sports…and we are happy for now we are able to provide them these opportunities!

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Athletic Office at 765-795-4203 x5553