Clovers News · REQUIRED documents to Return to Play on July 6th


We are excited to welcome your student athlete back to our facilities and begin athletics again as we cautiously move towards competition.  We can begin with practices on July 6th, 2020.  The Indiana Department of Education and the IHSAA have given us guidelines to follow as we transition back into what will hopefully be a “normal” fall.  I have attached the guidelines we have created for Cloverdale High School to this email for you to review.  There are items that are required for your athlete to be able to participate.  Until all of the items are signed by you, they will not be able to be on campus or participate in any sport related activities.  The documents can either be downloaded, printed, and signed by going to and clicking the “more” tab or by simply clicking the following links.  If you do not have access to printing capabilities, you will need to come to the school and sign a hard copy before your athlete can participate.  The REQUIRED documents are as follows.
The above form is required since the IHSAA has waived the physical examination before play.  There are however, seven questions that will need answered on this form and also your signature.  If there is a YES answer to any of them, a new IHSAA physical on the form linked below (also found on will be REQUIRED before any participation can occur.  If you know that your athlete has had a concussion since their last physical (April 2019) then you will need to plan accordingly prior to July 6th.  The list of our student-athletes that have incurred a concussion since the 2019 physical is being sent to us by Hendricks Regional Health.   IHSAA Physical Form (if needed)
This for is for you to sign and assure our Corporation that you will do your part to make sure your athletes is self screening (hopefully with your assistance) and monitoring.  This will hopefully allow us to keep our environments and all involved (coaches, athletes, managers, etc.) as safe as possible.  It also assures is that you understand the risk of sending your athlete to VOLUNTARY practices.
If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please do not hesitate to email or call.  Thank you