Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Mackenzie Stoltz

Mackenzie Stoltz

Favorite High School Memory

  • I will never forget going to the state finals. That day helped mold me into the athlete I am today. It put me in a totally different mindset and It made my training more complex. Being on the Cloverdale Track team has been nothing but fun and they will always have a special place in my heart.

Plans After

  • I plan to attend Indiana State University and study biology. I will also be on the track team.

What I miss most

  • I honestly miss seeing my classmates the most. I miss hearing everyone laughing and joking in the hallways. I miss laughing until my stomach hurts at Mr.Tyler’s jokes. And I miss our 4th hour uno games 🙁

Message of Encouragement 

  • I encourage all underclassmen to enjoy all of the high school they have left. Don’t take any days for granted. Live it up, Take tons of pictures, and create memories to cherish.

Thank you Kenz!  Stay Safe!