Clovers News · Damon West – The Coffee Bean

Last Friday, our Boys Basketball team, through the guidance and leadership of Coach Rady was able to sit in on a 30 minute Zoom meeting with Author and Motivational Speaker, Damon West.  Damon is a co-author of the book, The Coffee Bean and has worked with several high caliber teams including Clemson and Oklahoma Football.  His message to our team, the world of athletes, and really the entire population is relevant and needed during our present situation.  Here is the link to the Zoom meeting in which you can hear Damon’s thoughts and ideas he shared with us.

Meeting Recording:

Access Password: 0G!.!1*?

Thank you to both Coach Rady and Damon West for the time given to help us better ourselves.  I encourage you to work on yourself daily and be a Coffee Bean!


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