Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Gayle Baugh

Gayle Baugh

Favorite HS Sport Memory- My favorite memory was summer of 2019 when I won Putnam County Outstanding Senior Cheerleader and being able to experience that with my friends and teammates by my side. A plus to that was winning the spirit award the same night with my cheer team. It was a night and experience I will never forget. 

Plans after HS- I plan to attend Vincennes University for 2 years and get my associates degree in science with a concentration in agriculture. I also plan to cheer for Vincennes. I then will switch to Purdue University for my last 2 years and receive my bachelors degree in agricultural education. I hope to be an Ag teacher and the FFA advisor. 

What you miss most about being in school- I miss spending most my day in the Ag room, being able to see my friends, and looking forward to having end of the day conversations with Mrs.Graham. 

Message of encouragement- Even though this isn’t how we expected to end our senior year we still need to keep our heads up and know that these tough times will pass. And to all the underclassmen, take this time as a lesson to see that you should never take anything for granted. Make the most out of your high school career and don’t be afraid to step out cause you never know what lies ahead.

Thank you Gayle!  Stay Healthy!