Clovers News · Spring Seniors Tribute – Football Field

Clover Nation and Spring Senior Athletes:

As we all know, the Spring Season was unfortunately, but understandably, canceled.  This no doubt affects all of our athletes but certainly hits a little harder for the Seniors who will no longer be able to represent and compete for this great town, this great school, and this great community.  Not only are they missing their respective seasons, they are losing an opportunity for a “Senior Night”.

We have tried to soften the blow for our Seniors with “Senior Spotlights” and positive messages posted weekly, but no doubt this still hits deep.  In an effort to give them just a bit more closure, we have painted the Football Field with each Spring Season Senior from Softball, Baseball, and Track (Boys Golf had no Seniors this year).  From now until the time where the letters are faded away and illegible, we will turn the lights on each night at 8:20 PM for one hour highlighting the names and numbers or track event for each Senior Athlete.  Why 8:20 PM?  Military time for 8:20 PM is 20:20…what better time to honor them!

Seniors — please take this as a small token of our appreciation for all that you have given to Cloverdale High School and your respective sports for the last 4 years!  Underclassmen — take note, DO NOT WASTE any of your time here at this great place…we are not guaranteed anything!



Thank you to Taylor’s Hardware for donating some of the paint and Tom Cummings for painting the names!