Clovers News · Adversity and Encouragement #3

Mark Henry

Hey Clover Nation!  I hope everyone is continuing to do well.

This is the third post involving the Believe in You Series with Kevin Atlas.  If you missed the first two, you can find them here:

This week’s clip is of Mark Henry.  Mark discusses working through his challenges and then he challenges us.  Do we have “the desire and passion to NOT fail” during this time?  He states half of it is showing up…the other half is what you are willing to put into it.

Are you willing to show up during this time?  If you are…how much work are you willing to put in?  Let’s not cry, and whine, and moan, and complain about our situation…let’s change it!

How can we change it?  Show up…do the workouts your coaches are sending you…put the work in!  Take advantage of the amount of time you now have!  Let’s follow Mark’s example and GET TO WORK!

Until the next clip…take care of yourselves, work hard, help someone else, and know that your coaches and I still miss you.   Wade