Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Madison Burton

Madison Burton

Favorite Memory:
I have two favorite memories from senior year. The first being the Red for Ed March in Indy, I loved being able to experience that and be there for all of my teachers with Maci, Kassie, and Hailey. My other favorite memory is painting parking spots with everyone, just having that time before school started to see everyone was the best.

Plans after HS:
I plan to go to Ivy Tech for my general ed classes before transferring to a four year school. I’m hoping to figure out what I want to major in my years at Ivy Tech.

What I Miss:
I miss seeing everyone and talking to my teachers. Just having simple conversations with Mrs. Dix, Mrs. Grimes, and Mrs. Meluch would make my day.

Message of Encouragement: 
To all my classmates, we will make the best of it because that’s what we always do. We aren’t known for having the best spirit for nothing. And to all the underclassmen, participate in everything you can even if it’s not “cool”. One day you will look back on these days and miss them. I love you CHS, thank you for these 4 years.

Thank you Madi!  Stay Healthy!