Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

Favorite Memory-My favorite memories in golf were spent trying to learn how to play! It was so much fun to not be worried about my score, and just enjoy being outside. I also had plenty of laughs just trying to find my golf balls. I joined the team my Junior year, but then worked really hard that next summer to be able to play Varsity. The secret? YouTube tutorials!
Plans after HS-I will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall, majoring in Forensic Science. I am beyond ecstatic to study things such as ballistics and blood splatter analysis! After receiving my undergraduate degree, I am fairly open to whatever opportunities that might come my way. As of now, I hope to be a Crime Scene Investigator for a police department, and gain the experience and knowledge to one day work for a federal agency.
What you miss most-I definitely miss seeing my classmates, joking around with my friends, and of course my lunch squad; they made each day interesting for sure. I am also missing finishing our series of “lasts” together. And finally, I miss the staff at CHS- some of them have been a major part of my journey, attributing not only to my learning but helping me develop into who I am today.
Message of Encouragement-
I know it hurts now, but this is not the end. We have so many exciting beginnings to look forward to! We have our whole lives ahead of us. At first I was devastated, admittedly a little upset that our senior year ended like this. But I reminded myself that this year was filled with a lot of life experiences and lessons that have placed me on my path. It was a year of both heartache and growth, but I wouldn’t go back to change anything. Everything played out the way it did for one reason or another. I’m abundantly grateful for everyone who has entered my life thus far, regardless of the type of mark they left. And I am forever indebted to Cloverdale and our community

Thank you Sarah!  Stay Healthy!