Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Alida Welling

Alida Welling

Favorite Memory: My favorite high school memory would have to be the football games. I just loved watching the sunset and yelling for our clover boys! Something about a cheer block makes you feel united and connected. The cool air, the face paint, and the laughs

Plans after HS: I plan to go to beauty school after high school. Pursuing my music on the side. Can’t ever forget your passions.

What You Miss the Most: I miss the people and my friends. We never knew our last day was that Friday so we never really said goodbye. I hope for a graduation so I can hug you all one last time.

Message of Encouragement: Never forget all that work we did wasn’t for nothing, we worked hard and it meant something. “Bonne renommée vaut ceinture dorée” says my grand-mère. Never forget who you are and what you accomplished. The legacy you leave behind, the person you were is what people remember. Just know you did it well. Much love xoxo

Thank you Alida!  Stay Healthy!