Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Natasha Carter

Favorite HS Memory: My favorite memory definitely has to be all of the Fall homecoming weeks, because the seniors were always so into it and had the most spirit! Or all the night managing football with Joeli, Gabby, Maddi, Skylar, because it brought me friendships that I don’t ever want to lose. 

Plans after HS: After high school I plan to attend Marian University and major in nursing and hopefully later on specialize in Pediatric Nursing. 

What you miss most about high school: Definitely being around all the people, because I promise you if you were having a bad day, someone in that school could cheer you up just by being their goofy selves. 

Message of encouragement: To the seniors, yes it stinks that we’re missing the last part of what was supposed to be the best year of school, but remember just like our graduation song says “We’re All In This Together.” To the underclassmen please please don’t take a second in that school for granted, because the seniors all you used to pray to get out of there as soon as possible, but the day we all found out we weren’t going back, we all wished we could. 

Thank you Natasha!  Stay Healthy!