Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Haley Smith

Haley Smith

Favorite HS Sport Memory – My favorite HS sport memory was this school year before our sectional volleyball game. Aubree Branigan, Michael Phillips, Chloe Sprinkle, and I all went to Terre Haute together to shop at Sam’s Club, and we hunted for those one-size-fits-all giant sherpa-lined Comfys. After finding them, we somehow ended up at PetLand and played with all of the pets for about 2 hours, and then we, unfortunately, left without a new puppy and came home so that we could go to the school together to prepare for the game. We all showed up together wearing our matching Comfys as Chloe ate leftover breadsticks and Aubree and Michael made plans to convince their parents to let them go back to PetLand to each get a puppy. It’s always a fun time with friends that are as funny as them. I will miss the moments that I had with them. 

Plans after HS – I will attend Indiana University Southeast to study Pre-Medicine, while continuing my softball career as I will be an incoming softball commit. After obtaining my Pre-Med degree at IUS, I will then attend a graduate school to get my degree in Medicine in hopes of becoming a successful health care physician. 

What I miss most about being in school – I miss the daily camaraderie within my classes and being able to see my friends everyday. It hurts to feel like I can’t look forward to my final senior moments with them. Finally, I miss the interactions with my teachers. I can truly say that I’ve had some of the best teachers that, I imagine, I’ll ever have. They’ll be hard to beat. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable school is when you have teachers that are personable and humorous, much like the teachers at Cloverdale. 

Message of encouragement – Even though most of us are devastated with the recent letdowns, things will get better. We should still be thankful for the time that we did get together as we look forward to the better days that are coming. We are so incredibly strong, so hang in there and remember to be thankful for all that our supportive Clover community is doing! 

Thank you Haley!  Stay Healthy!