Clovers News · Senior Spotlight – Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson 

*My favorite memories from Cloverdale High School Softball is simply the fun times we spent belting songs on the bus coming home from a win which was often.

*After HS I will attend Domincan University as I will pursue a Pre- Med Degree and continue my softball career. GO STARS!

*One of things I miss most about being in school in the community. We always had fun and included each other. Always yelling goofy sayings like “YES SIR” or “BOY” while pointing your hand at one of your friends.

*My message of encouragement goes out to my fellow senior class. We will still get to say our goodbyes. The Chapter of Sr. year is unfortunately completed but the book of High School is not quite finished.

Thank you OJ!  Stay Healthy!