Clovers News · Adversity and Encouragement #2

Hey Clover Nation!  I hope everyone is staying home and safe and healthy!  The sooner we can get through this, the sooner we can get back to our “normal” day to day.

This is the second post involving the Believe in You Series with Kevin Atlas.  If you missed the first one, you can find it here:

The videos I will share are meant to have us take a look in the mirror (which admittedly is not always easy) and to encourage us that we will make it through this unfortunate time of COVID-19 that has taken our normal (sports, school, and community) from us.  They are relatively short but in my opinion worth the watch and contemplation.  This week’s clip is of Adam, a St. Jude Patient fighting through Leukemia.  In the video, Adam says, “You never know when the days might stop counting, that is when you make them count”.  He speaks about his “freedom being taken away” due to the fact that because of the disease and chemo made him get sick easily.  I am not comparing COVID-19 to Leukemia, but these two situations certainly have a similarity.  Our freedoms have been somewhat taken from us and right now we can “get sick easily”.  Adam made the most of his adversity and situation and has raised over $170,000 so far for St. Jude.  I am not advocating for a St. Jude fundraiser here, rather that we will look at ways we can work though our adversity to make these times better for others.  Put some thought to it…improve yourself during this time and look for ways to improve or help others.

Until the next clip…take care of yourselves, work hard, help someone else, and know that me and your coaches miss you.   Wade