Clovers News · THANK YOU CLOVER NATION! She Made It! FINAL Round Begins Tomorrow!

Clover Nation!  Great job over the last few weeks…especially through a crazy Round 3.  We are down to the LAST and FINAL Round!  Voting for this Round will work just as it did for all of the others Rounds.

I know this has been a long process but WE ARE HERE!  One more faithful week of voting daily as much as you can and we can get one of our own to Atlanta.  This week we are up against Carly Dilworth, from Denver, CO.  She attends Denver South High School, enrollment of 1000+.  I know Clover Nation will be up for the challenge!

Thank you all for working so hard on Kassie’s behalf.  I know she is truly humbled and grateful for everyone that has taken their time to vote for her and also share links and articles…we would not be here without you all!

Voting begins tomorrow, March 10, at 1:00 PM ET and will run for a week and conclude on Tuesday, March 17th, at 1:00 PM ET.  At that time, we will know if she is heading to Atlanta or not. 

Below are links for voting…please SHARE these with whoever you can think of.  The more people we can reach and get voting, the better!    and