Clovers News · Kassie Wade to Compete in the American Family Insurance 3-Point Fan Vote!


Kassie Wade has been invited to participate in the American Family Insurance 3-Point Fan Vote Competition.  Beginning Tuesday, February 11th,  at 1:00 PM Eastern Time, you will be able to visit and cast your vote.  Kassie will only advance through the bracket and win a chance to Atlanta, GA to showcase her talent and compete in the 3-point competition if we get her enough votes!  You can also follow along and support on:

Twitter: @HighSchoolSlam
Facebook: @HighSchoolSlam
Instagram: @HighSchoolSlam

Each round pits her against another athlete who is also trying to attain votes.  There is a short video  to watch for each competitor with highlights and then votes can be cast (KASSIE’S HIGHLIGHTS).  The athlete who attains more votes at the end of each round advances; the one who gets the least is out of the competition.  Please SHARE this article and push to as many of your friends as you can so we can get as many votes as possible!  You can VOTE EVERYDAY from multiple devices (phone, computer, ipad, notebook, etc)!  Again, voting begins Tuesday, February 11th at 1:00 PM.

Here are the dates for the 4 weeks of voting (February 11th through March 13th):

ROUND ONE: Feb 11 — Feb 18
ROUND TWO: Feb 19 — Feb 26
ROUND THREE: Feb 27 — March 5
ROUND FOUR: March 6 — March 13

Winners will be announced on March 13th.

CLOVER NATION — Lets get Kas Wade to Atlanta!