Clovers News · Will 100 Clovers Help Give One of Our Athletes a chance for a $2000 Scholarship?

Eventlink has given Clover Nation a unique opportunity to earn a $2000 scholarship for one of our students!

In order to do this, they have asked to complete two very easy tasks…

  1. Get 100 (yes only 100) Clovers to create an Eventlink account and subscribe to follow sports here at Cloverdale High School.  Of course, we would like all parents, grandparents, friends, family members, etc. to follow so we certainly do not have to stop at 100.
  2. I will need to tweet from our twitter page @cloverathletics everyday next week mentioning #EventlinkApp and tagging @theeventlink which I will make sure I get done.

Once these two items are done, we will be put into a drawing along with the other school that complete this task and hopefully win the $2000 scholarship.  Worst case scenario…we do not get a scholarship…but even if we don’t…you will now know when each event is (or when one may be cancelled) for all sports (or maybe just the ones you are interested in) at Cloverdale High School with an email and a push notification to your cellular device!

Read on for more info and a link for step by step instructions for creating your account…The Race to 100 is on!  Go Clovers!


Click the Link Below for step by step instructions on how to get started today! (You will need to download the Eventlink App and also add a phone number in the “Add Contact” portion using the drop down arrow to use from your cellular device)

Create an Eventlink Account