Clovers News · Winter Awards Banquet

Clover nation celebrated our Winter Athletes on Tuesday, March 20th.  Many Awards were presented in the group session and then more were given during Team Sessions.  Very thankful for our coaches, athletes, and parents that make each season successful.  GO CLOVERS!

Paige Plamondon – Athletic Blanket
Jalen Moore – ALL Western Indiana Conference
Lily Monnett – Athletic Jacket
Chase Ashcraft – Athletic Jacket
Abby Walker – Athletic Blanket
Jake Wilkes – ALL Western Indiana Conference
Caydhan Stevens – Regional Qualifier & Jacket
Allison Taylor – Athletic Jacket
Tori Combs – ALL Western Indiana Conference
Keeley Hughes – Athletic Jacket
Michael Silcox – Athletic Jacket
Grace Leonard – Athletic Jacket
Nolan Kelley – Athletic Jacket